Grandma Lifts Toilet Seat, But Then Runs Away And Calls 911 After She Finds Huge Iguana Inside

It’s probably happened to all of us at least once in our lives: we’re ready for bed, primed to snuggle up for the night, and realize we have to make one last trip to the bathroom. It can be annoying, but at least most of nightly trips to the bathroom don’t include finding an iguana in the toilet.

If you have found an iguana in your toilet — sounds like one surprising bathroom trip!

And if you have, you’re not alone. A woman in South Florida encountered that shocking sight one night at her home.

According to the Miami Herald, she went to use the bathroom before bed, but when she took a look in the toilet, she found a huge, bright green iguana inside!

Once she saw the lizard, she immediately closed the toilet, and ran to call 911.

She also called her daughter Giselle Quintero for help as well.

“It was four feet long with a tail,” Giselle said to CBS Miami. “She closed the lid and left.”

After the authorities were called, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Lieutenant Scott Mullin arrived and said it was definitely a first for him.

It would probably be a first for a lot of us!

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