Mom Dies In Car Crash. 2 Months Later, Teen Finds Her Old Dress In Closet And Wears It To Prom

Few nights are more special in a teen’s life than prom. Being able to hang out with friends, go on a date, and wear a fancy dress really make the night special.

Unfortunately for Taylor Branum, a 17 year old from Tennessee, she was never able to go prom dressing shopping with her mother. Taylor’s mom had died just one week before the two were meant to find a dress together.

Taylor wasn’t even thinking about going to prom after the accident until friends encouraged her. Then she thought about the dress in her mom’s closet.

“I’d remembered she’d had this dress of hers from her senior year in 1998 and she had it sitting in her closet,” Taylor explained to Insider Edition. “I pulled it out and I tried it on. I cried a bit. I know it sounds crazy, but I could feel her with me.”

Taylor decided it felt like the right thing to do by wearing her mom’s old prom dress to the monumental event. It was long, black, and timeless; as perfect for a prom in 2017 as it was in 1998.

She had to get the dress tailored, but other than a few adjustments, the mother and daughter could be twins!

Turns out, Taylor’s dad loved her decision to wear it too. “He cried and said I was gorgeous,” Taylor said. “He wanted me to wear my hair like she had it and everything.”

Even though Taylor’s mom couldn’t be there for the dressing and pictures, Taylor felt like her mother was there all night. And we’re sure she would’ve loved the tribute her daughter gave her.

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