Security Camera Catches Wife Freaking Out After Picking Up Dog Toy That Turns Out Being A Snake

Carla Rossa of Calabasas, California mistook a snake for a dog toy and her security camera captured the hilarious moment!

Most dog parents know that their furry children love to leave their toys lying around just as much as their real children do.

So when Carla was enjoying a night in her hot tub one summer night in June 2017, she though her pooch had left a toy by her gate. She walked over to it, bent down and when she touched it, she knew it was not a toy.

“It felt a little warm,” Carla says. “When I felt that I let it go and I was yelling!”

She said her husband was telling her to stop and calm down, but as you’ll see in the clip below, she was totally grossed out.

Her dog ran over to see what happened as well. We think Carla will check twice now when it comes to picking anything up off of the ground!

It turns out, snakes love to surprise us. Like this video for example of a driver in Georgia being surprised by a hitch-hiking snake slithering up his windshield and this mom who couldn’t believe a huge snake had gotten into her house so she wrangled him with just a pillowcase and her bare hands.

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