Storm Chaser Runs Toward Debris, But Doesn’t Expect To Be Pulled In When Tiny Colt Is Trapped

In some parts of the country, natural disasters can force people to rebuild after destruction. These people lose everything they own, including homes and family photos.

Even lives are lost: people and pets can get injured or die from the circumstances.

But one storm chaser surveying the damage caused by a tornado in Texas didn’t expect to become a hero after he jumped to action to save a young colt.

Jason Weingart, his wife Savannah and their friend Matt were out on the job when they heard a woman call out for help. It turned out that the woman was the owner of a farm that was home to all kinds of animals, from zebras to camels to horses and monkeys. She was busy rounding up all the animals, some of whom were hurt.

Jason ran onto the property when the woman called out that there was a colt trapped under some debris.

The storm chaser was worried that the colt was injured but still got to work pulling the animal from under the debris. In just a few minutes, the tiny horse was freed, and uninjured!

Jason admits that’s it’s difficult to see all this destruction after a tornado, but that it’s part of the job. He’s just glad that he could help in such a dire situation.

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